Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Because Allah is the most fair. 

For a rain & thunder that comes, You ask for a sun but Allah gives you with a beautiful rainbow instead. 

For every bad things that happen to you, there must be a miracle that gonna save you. 

Alhamdulillah. I'm so grateful with what I have now. Almost a month as someone's fiance and it never crossed in mind to go through this phase of life at this age. 24 and I'm engaged. 

Soon, in few months time InshaAllah, I'll be a wife to the unexpected man. Pray for everything to be just fine and may Allah ease our journey to get married. 

Flashing back, to the first moment we knew eachother. 

He was my highschool senior. Back in 2005. Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kuala Selangor. We didn't know eachother except me knowing him as one of my senior boyfriend. And my best friend's crush. Lol. 

Living our life as always. Done with highschool. Getting myself to create facebook account and stalking people. In 2010, I send a request to him and get a respon! But we didn't talk to eachother. We both have partner at that time. What makes the world small is his girlfriend was my senior in UiTM Segamat which I bump into her like everyday. Haha

Few months later, my relationship didn't went well. So do him. We both back to our single time. Then after we start contact through facebook chat. And continue exchange our bbpin. Texting everyday. Which makes us looking forward to wake up the next morning. 

"He such a nice guy." - My heart speak. 

We went for mamak session for few times with other friends. Never go out for a date. And what i remember the most, mamak session at NZ Garden KLCC. It's after Bruno Mars concert. He come with his friend and I was with Hana. I give him a bandwrist with "Our First Time ❤️" on it which i get from the concert. I got a chocolate as he just come back from Langkawi. 

I seriously didn't remember that Bandwrist and chocolate thingy until he remind me. 😅
Good thing about it, he still have it even after 2 years 😂
Don't ask about the chocolate. Ofcourse it's finished on the night he give me. Sebab tu tak ingat dah.

So, friendship went well until I'm done with my diploma and move back to KL. 

We less talk. Less text. I met someone and we lost contact. It was in 2011.

Life go on. Both having our own life and friends. 

Mungkin Allah dah kata, jodoh kau dengan dia cuma kau je buta. I make it short, my relationship didn't worked.

So in September 2013. Again we're having our mamak session after 2 years lost contact. It was unplanned. Saja ajak lepak tak sangka he's okay. 3 days straight lepak until 2am in the morning macam tak kerja je kita. 

4th night, dalam bus on my way to Krabi. Macam biasa lah since start first day lepak kitorang macam texting 24/7.

Suddenly he asked ; 

       "Dah pergi kursus kahwin?" 

Eh, pelik nya soalan. Tapi takde lah fikir jauh. Answer him ; "nop. Belum lagi." 

       "Jom pergi nak?" - he replied. 

I was like okay I don't have problem. But pelik because he wanna meet my mom untuk mintak izin. 

Rupa-rupanya it was an unofficial proposed. Nak ajak kahwin. Itu funny weh! 😂😂
But still, I'm speechless dan teruja. 

In short time, we decided untuk bertunang. 

Alhamdulillah semua lancar. 

Mungkin betul. Mungkin memang Allah dah tulis, dia untuk aku. 
Cuma masa yang betul belum tiba. 
Ada sebab kot Allah tak jadikan waktu first jumpa dua tahun dulu?

Mungkin itu jugak yang buat aku terfikir sejenak, waktu dalam bus sebelum ke krabi. 

"He's a nice guy. Nothing bad about him. And i think, i'm gonna have a good future with him one day, maybe" 

Which this thought come cross before dia ajak pergi kursus kahwin.

So what is that mean?

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