Tuesday, January 10, 2012

memorable day

It is people's beautiful moment to share. Which I wish I'll be so lucky if I can have something like this one day. Yeah, this video make me feel desperate to get married asap. I never thought still have a very nice romantic guy in this world. Just like theirs. Most probably, they are now happily ever after in love eachother. Don't they?

But as a Muslim, susah la nak dapat this kind of proposal kan since kita ada adat yang perlu ikut such as merisik etc. So if that is so, boleh tak kalau aku dirisik secara 'surprise'? Meaning that, I don't have any idea about the proposal, of course not well prepared tiba-tiba kekasih hati datang bawak keluarga datang meminang. Hihihi Seronok nya kalau dapat surprise macam ni! ;D

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