Sunday, October 2, 2011

#Libra miss the younger days where their undying optimism about humans and life was just endearing -TheLibraDaily

My birthday is just around the corner. Omg I'm getting old! But stay cute like always. LOL

What I want for my birthday eh ? It's 10 days left. Um aa um can I have samsung tab, Iphone 4 or blackberry torch, new bag for class, new jeans because I cannot fit in my old jeans and alahh too many to be list out! So I cc all this request to my man. Ceh ceh siapa terasa diri dia my man tu sila la sedikan okay? :P

I just hope this year will be better than previous year. I wish I can have a great day ahead with people I love. Also hope I'll success in my studies and in everything I involve. InsyaAllah. All I need is bless from Allah to achieve my dream and hoping everything will goes well like how I plan.

I'm so thankful having a chance to live in this world with my beloved people. 22 years of living had thought me so many things. About love, life. May Allah gives me more strength to face all the difficulties in future. Amin.
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