Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hey baby what are you doing to my life?
things are changing around
Is it the way you look at me or the way you care?
I know I'm falling for you and you who I dare
to catch me when I fall..
and walk with me in front of all ..

I can't get over this sensation
Together baby, and without hesitation
I have your back and let's together fight against all
Together we will be happy, no estimation.

Remember that moment, when we were alone peacefully?
I wanna tell you something truthfully ..
It still plays in the back of my mind
wishing one day it'll last, hopefully.

Our palms fit perfectly together ..
Our lips feel right against eachother ..
but sweetie, however ..
that is not what all matter
Whenever, Wherever it is YOU who I wanna be with FOREVER !

And now please will you take my hand?
I wish you can understand
that "us" is what I really want
Trust me, for this relationship I will always fight
So put your arm around me and hold my hand.

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