Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I never look back. Only move forward.

I turned around and kept on walking
Further away from everything that meant so much to me
And I wanted to tell, wanted to start talking
Only I can’t, so I smile and say, let it be

I looked back, and I saw everything just as it should be
And I knew, even without me, everything is just as good as it could be
I tried not to feel.. to ignore the aching at the corner of my heart
And I wondered, how could I be standing, when my world has fallen apart

It’s true; sometimes you don’t even know how strong you are
But as life happens, you can be who you want to be, wherever you are
And you can tell a story or two but you can only live one
Its okay though, if you are smiling in the end when you are done

But smiling can be tricky too.. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it sounds
You can search for a reason to smile, but sometimes, it’s nowhere to be found

And sometimes, you think you can’t even make it through the night
But you live to see the morning sun, and you would know it’s alright
Sometimes, you are inconsolable and you can’t think straight
And when that happens, you forget for a moment that life is great

When life weights you down, you don’t see as you should
But If you are strong enough and fight as hard as you could
You will live to see that, even through moments of darkness and despair
If you look past it, a glow of joy can be found anywhere, everywhere.

3 complain(s):


echa. be strong dear.. i tau u kuat nak go thru all this. u lagi kuat dari i. kalau i boleh, u pun mesti boleh. :) just go with the flow.


sya : thanks sya. but im fine now. Okay je pun. happy with life skrg. and feel much better and great than before ;)) thanks for the advice btw. xoxo <3


good to hear that :) tc dear