Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's month.

When a guy puts a pic of himself on facebok, how many comments/likes does it get? Some get a lot, around 20-30 or even more. When a guy is in a girl's dreams at night, what kind of guy is he? Sometimes he's an athlete, an artist, a singer, sometimes he's just attractive. When a guy asks out a girl and she says yes, how many girls are also wishing for a date with him? Often there's 4 or 5 girls.

But when a second guy uploads a picture of himself and gets no comments/likes, what does he feel when he looks at the first guy's picture? And when a guy is dreamed of by no girls, he dreams of that special girl, and has no exceptional status at school, what does he do when he sees the athletes, singers, artists and pretty boys walking around with the girl he likes? And when a girl says YES go on a date with the guy she likes, how many less attractive sincere guys have been turned down before he asked her?

Girls often complain that guys go after only skinny, big chested, attractive girls. But without realizing it, they make guys feel like they need to be good looking to be special. Nobody ever considers the guys that get told "I've got my eye on someone else" or "I don't like you that way." It's all about giving the fanfare to the one special boy who makes you feel like a princess. Meanwhile the guys you turned down are struggling to have self confidence.

This valentines day, every girl will be dreaming of being given roses or chocolates or jewelery by that one guy she likes; every good looking guy will be sitting at home playing COD or World of Warcraft, not thinking about girls for a second. But every average looking guy, every sensitive guy, every guy who's been rejected and told he's just a friend, will be dreaming of that girl he can't stop thinking about, knowing she is likely thinking of someone else.

On valentines day this year, don't think of the one you like. Think of the one that is crazy about you, the sweet sensitive one; the one you don't find appealing, the one who would treat u like a princess; the one who doesn't stand out from the other guys; the one who's asked you out and you've rejected; the one that thinks about you before he falls asleep, and the one who would look you in the eyes, take your hand, and speak to you from his very heart and soul! If more girls did that, single's awareness day would once again become VALENTINES DAY <3

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