Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We share the same interest but different field


Hmm, How should I start ? First of all, let us recite Al-fatihah to respect the late. Amin. 

I don't have any idea what to wrote actually. Well, what I can say is I don't have any opportunity to know him better. I only met him after 19 years of living. It such a very long time isn't it? Hmm. I didn't get a chance to read the Malay article because I do not buy newspaper while in Segamat. In fact, I'm not a person who is reading a newspaper is a must. I just read the NST article because at that time I was at home. My mum got a text message from the writer telling that the article about my father is in NST. So my mum asked me to read. From what I can conclude, everybody is respect him as a 'difficult' perfectionist. He's once known as the first Malaysian Drama producer, involving in theatre and end up his working days as a Cinematography lecturer in Aswara.

I have interest in arts too but I'm more in dancing. So we might share the same interest but in the different field. I'm very bad in acting. Seriously bad. Asked Petra. Only he and Wan knows how hard they have to teach me theatre. lalala 

My father passed away on 15th September 2010, at his home Shah Alam. We (as it him, my sisters and me) are supposed to go out for a dinner at Subang Jaya since he's craving for seafood. But god loves him more. HE takes him before we had the dinner. Instead of come to his home for a dinner, the siblings come to give him last respect. So, thanks for the articles to both writers.

p/s : If you read the article in NST and found this name 'Faezah Noor', she's my mother. ;)

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