Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I hear the uproar of the crowd with all eyes on me.
Some of chanting my name to succeed,
While others are ready to see me fail.
Each step closer I take, I'm aware of the magnitude of the situation I'm in.
This could be my one chance; this could be my only chance.
My heart beats rapidly beats as to tell me to go back,
My breaths become pants as fear slowly tries to paralyze my body.
But I know I must move forward because I know this is what I truly want, that this will be the moment that forever defines me.

And finally I reach you, and the invisible crowd abruptly disappears and an unexplainable calm comes over me, reassuring me that i did the right thing by not going back.

This is how I feel everytime I go up to talk to you. This is how I feel because I know in my heart how much I like you, how much I want to get to know you, and how much I want to be with you.

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