Monday, September 20, 2010

I got no title. Sorry.

Setiap pertemuan, ada perpisahan. Setiap yang hidup akan jugak mati.

Thanks to everyone yang ucapkan takziah either from facebook or sms. And sorry jugak tak dapat reply because I've been busy preparing everything.

So, mid term break end last Sunday and everybody keep complained on their Facebook status wanted to extending their holiday. Everyone still in the mood of Raya I guess. I got enough break and I can't wait to come back to Segamat. That is why I returned back to Segamat on Saturday. Ceh, padahal terpaksa balik sebab Pet nak balik awal. LOL Actually, the main reason I returned early to Segamat is to complete my work. Tapi kalau dah malas tu malas jugak lah kan. Returned early, sleep all day long, as a result my work is still undone. Luckily my presentation was delay to next week. So I still got time to finish up my slides and going back to Serdang on Wednesday night with Petra. Yeah, I see you in Serdang again yaww. Hehe I got a lot of things to settle down. Sign this and that document. The only reason why I hate to deal with government is have to wait 1 whole day to settle up everything. Durh, Benda simple je, but kene tunggu 1 day untuk siap. I hate waiting like seriously hate. Please take not Petra. Lol.

Hey hey , enough talk crapt. I have slides presentation to finish up. I need to take my bath right now and start doing my work. So see you when I see you. xoxo.

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