Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't wake me up, I love you too much

You dont really know what love is ,
till you meet that only girl .
The one who makes you smile ,
the one who completes your world .

At times she may be b**chy ,
but it's all part of an act .
To see if you'd be there ,
for her to be exact .

Every girl wants to be told ,
that she is stunning .
Cause for those few seconds ,
she'll feel like she's flying .

That's what every girl wants ,
a guy who cares .
Not a guy who'll pay for her dinner ,
and all her fares .

She knows it's not about the money ,
but it's about the heart .
Cause when she knows its true love ,
she can't stand being apart .

She wants to be assured ,
that you two will last .
Cause sometimes it's hard ,
to forget the past .

Like when you were a kid ,
you found it hard to walk .
But once you started walking ,
you also learned to talk . 

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