Friday, June 4, 2010

It's another annoyed scene

I bet after this I'll get more rude statement from strangers on my formspring! LOL.
Well, enjoy the pictures guys! ;D

Arriving Sabah (:

1st taklimat at Cluster A

1st activity at Gym

Next morning. Waiting for the bus to Tuaran

Performance at Kg. Gayang, Tuaran

Malam Simbolik
1st performance by UiTM Perak

Uitm Kelantan

 Uitm Kedah

Uitm Pahang

Uitm Johor. 

Uitm Perlis 

Uitm Negeri Sembilan

Uitm Penang

Uitm Melaka.

Uitm Sabah

Uitm Sarawak

Last but not Least. Tarian satu Malaysia by All contingent!
more picture to be uploaded soon!

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