Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Oh Myyy,
Your prediction is too sweet Amora.
And now, I'm crossing my fingers
wishing it can be true.

Sometimes, I ask my self.
Why I keep believe on something that I supposed not to trust to.
For example that Amora prediction.
It's just a facebook game and I know the possibility to become true is 0.01%
But why?
When the prediction is a bad,
I can think wisely that it's just a game.
When the prediction is good enough to make me fly,
I'll be 150% sure trust it's not a game.
And waiting the time to come to be true.
Why this prediction game influence me to believe on something
even I know it is not come from the trusted source.
It just a game and,
Durh, I'm so in my fairytale world.

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