Sunday, February 28, 2010

I need a Beautiful holiday


Lot of work to be done.

Ha ah laa Nash. Thanks for correcting me. Heh Susah betul orang tengah bercinta ni. Bulan pun dah xtau mana satu dah. :p  (new update : 1 March 2010)
1) Preparation for MITEK on 3rd Feb March 2010 - Everynight practice for sure.
2 ) MKT product presentation on 4th Feb March 2010 - Preparing the slides and what product to be promote. Durh
3 ) Bel 2nd Assessment submit on 4th Feb March 2010- Bias article with argument.
4 ) Taxation test on 5th Feb March 2010
5 ) Far test on 6th Feb March2010
6 ) Law test on 10th Feb March 2010.

Can I find any energy out there for free? I really need more for this week.

I need a beautiful Holiday please :(

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