Thursday, January 7, 2010

My paper heart will bleed

I'm stuck in Segamat since 4 days past. Nothing to be talk about. I'm not having a very good-can't-forget day or even so much fun. Going out with dearest dancers on the Sunday to Bandar Segamat & having dinner with Mo-mok at Pizza on Monday night. Yes, that's the only thing that I felt fun. Otherwise, just so-so.

First day of class went well. Also for the day after. As you already know, I had class at 8a.m everyday. And yes, my schedule this semester a bit packed. Oh, not a bit, but it's packed! It just 4 days, I already felt tired & not enough energy to go to class and so on. That is not a very good beginning. But I promised to my self not even skip class unless I really need to. Emergency cases only. But thank god for a great Bel 313 lecturer. I promised to take back my A for this semester. Janji!

Got class till 4 today. I didn't start revise any chapter that my lecturer ask. Far 300 and also Bel 313. Oh no, that's not a good news for me. I'll be asking by my lecturer tomorrow and now at 12.30 am, I haven't start reading anything yet. See, how can I take my A back if I continously being lazy like this? No no, I need to move my ass now, and well I just wanna inform the whole world that I'm going back home this weekend. Don't you think I'm so fucking homesick? Boo.

3 complain(s):


hey echa! wayang ape eh besst mggu dpn?
saje nk ajak echa, isma n paris g mlake. klu nk la. hehe ;p
lame x hangout kn


erm entah. not sure la. huuu oh next week ye? insyaallah. tp mama ade lesen punye kelas tu. huuu


Righttt! lupa laa korg amik lesen. hehe. okayy, bila2 pn boleh ;)