Monday, December 7, 2009

We had Joy, We Had Fun, We Had season In the sun

Dancer : Nurul Dhena & Fatin Azaty
Video By : Matahari

See the video!
I went to Dataran Merdeka with Dhena & Fatin. I slept about 2 hours the night before & wake up at 5.30. Arrived Dataran around 6.30 and wait Dhena & Fatin there. Gila semangat 1Malaysia betul lah kan. Sacrifice my morning sleep just because of Tarian Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia.

It's been a month and over I didn't dance. I miss it so much. I miss my dance group and all PAC-rians. So I take this advantage to dance and it's really fun weyh. Thanks Dhena for joining me and Fatin. (; Next semester, come and join us in PAC ok? *giggles*

There, 6 song to dance. 1 Malaysia lah kan. Oh, Btw my name is Mira. I don't know why I use this name when a boy (i can't remember his name) ask me my name. OMG, he is sooo annoying. "You guys from Uitm Johor eh? Segamat or Larkin?" Ok, he is not magic man or else, but he read my shirt which wrote "Performing Arts Club, Uitm Johor." Then he ask my friend Dhena "Eh you look familiar oh. You stay mane eh? I rasa I pernah nampak you la." What a very lame lame lame question. My friend said she stay in Tasik Permaisuri. "Oh patutla. I selalu nampak you." Lame statement lagi. Mentang-mentang kawan aku cantik comel. Then we walk away from him. Annoying sangat pulak dia? But he keep on following us. durh Dhena, why  la you cantik sangat. Huu Suddenly when we've been busy watch the video I record, he came and ask "you guys datang sendiri ke? Rajin nye? Eh, what's your name eh? I bukan ape. I just nak kawan-kawan." OMG, tak nampak ke muka kitorang ni semua not interested nak berkawan dengan kau? Apa masalah kau sebenanya tah? Then I just tell him that My name is Mira. Tapi kenapaaa Mira, aku pun tak tahu. "I study kat IKBN Hulu langat." He said without need us to ask. "You taknak introduce kawan-kawan you ke Mira?" And and the best part is when Fatin suddenly ask him to snap our picture when he busy talking and talking to I-don't-know-who because nobody give attention to what he said. After snap our pic, He ask "You guys taknak ke ambik gambar sekali dengan kitorang buat-buat kenangan ke kan. You guys ade facebook or my space add la I. You have Fb or Ms?" Then pretend like I'm a girl with no knowledge of IT said "I don't have fb or ms. I guna fb club je. Club Uitm kitorang." We walk away AGAIN after that, far far far from him. I think he know that I'm lying but it's good. I just hope by knowing that, he'll stop asking & keep on beramah mesra with us.Overall, he is definitely annoying, and probably desperate finding a girl friend. T_____T

Oh ya! We went to KLCC after that watching Ninja Assassine. Gilaa macam kotor oh cerita dia. Blood is everywhere. Rain is not handsome as I thought. That is not a probem for me. The main thing is, I have a great day with Fatin & Dhena. It is my first time hang around with them and this is my first time meeting Dhena. Hee

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cik ateen

cam knl jer yg pkai selendang tuh..
fatin kn nma dier??kwn iza..
ecah gdlcuk utk result..


oh ha ah. fatin. kwn iza? ha ye la kot. die stay klang, oh goodluck too.