Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The romeo is bleeding, Help me.

Dear Matahari.
Do stop chasing for something that will never be yours.
Open your eyes, and think wise.
DH is not yours.

// Yeah, I'll try -__-

6 complain(s):


i prefer trying before giving up.. :P


haha. but this kind of matter, how much u try pon, u'll never get the chance (:
In fact, u'll be dead. hahaha.


maybe i knew that already
BUT! i'll still try
hehe ;p


Tapi echa masih waras :D
Im not going to let go someone that im preety sure just because of someone yang im not really sure :p


Macam ayat ni
"jangan tinggalkan orang yang kita sayang utk orang yang kita suka sebab mungkin orang yang kita suka akan tinggalkan kita untuk org yang dia sayang."


haha. ;p
yup, u're right
myb i shuldnt