Thursday, October 29, 2009

What would my mama do, If she knew bout me and you?

My first paper is in one an half day left. The tough weeks have begin and as usual, I need more and more food during finals. I only have 50 bucks in wallet and 70 bucks left in my account. Which means I need to survive with 120 bucks for 15 days. I've spend 10 bucks per day in a normal day. Can you imagine how much that I need during I-need-more-foods weeks? Definitely I have to reduce my daily expenses to 8 bucks per day. Sorry perut, lepas ni tak boleh makan banyak-banyak. |:

Just now I saw a notice in a yellow paper at my wing notice board. The notice said
"Sila langsaikan duit t-shirt kolej sebelum 12pm esok di bilik xxx. Bayaran boleh di buat mulai 8 malam ini."

Heh Cool. Duit nak makan pun tak cukup, ni lagi nak kena bayar t-shirt kolej? And, hey it's already end of semester. We haven't get the shirt yet, yelah sebab tu tak habis bayar lagi kan. But where's your logical for us to buy that shirt? IT'S END OF SEMESTER DUDE. When we are going to wear that shirt sebab I'm not surprise if our wing capt brief us AGAIN next semester about "Kita diwajibkan membeli t-shirt kolej LAGI untuk semester ni. Same design and same color. Cuma ada additional butterfly kat belakang baju. Siapa tak bayar, tak dapat cop dan boleh kena buang kolej." Ok, seriously penduduk kolej di Uitm ni memang gila cop. Maybe tak semua but most of them including me. Sebagai jaminan untuk dapat kolej next semester lah konon. Heh Kalau lah aku ada cop duit, beli 10 pun aku tak pernah kisah. Beli t-shirt kolej banyak-banyak lepas tu boleh pakai pergi date dengan boyfriend. Kan? Ok, nak merungut sekarang pasal t-shirt kolej pon tak guna dah sebab dah bayar deposit pon. -___-

Tapi nak sangat merungut pasal duit. I have enough money just for my daily meal and suddenly ada additional expenses "princess college" tu. Either fasting for 2 days just because of the shirt or burn the deposit and goodbye college next semester sebab tak beli t-shirt kolej. How can I fasting in final week? I'll sleep all the day, seriously. If i refuse to pay, I'll be expell from the college and "Hello, anybody out there have a room to rent? Oh and also I need a driver to send me to class everyday. If yes, do contact me at xxxxx. Tq"

I think the best way for me is text mama and say
"Mama, could you please bank in to me 15 bucks because I have to pay the balance of college shirt that I never want to buy. I only have 120 bucks for my meal and it just enough until my last day here."

I think my mum will cry after read this.
"Anak aku desperate sangat sampai mintak bank in 15 ringgit je. Sedih betul bila anak aku tak cukup makan, bertambah kurus la dia nanti."

And now I have a problem. I don't know how to ask for a money from my mom. Dah lama tak buat kerja ni weyy -____-

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