Thursday, July 23, 2009


Flu is still here, and also the sore throat.
I lost my appetite since last two days.
I buy this and that to eat but I just ate half of it.
My nose felt so itchy and make me sneezed with the "hakkk-chewww" sound.
I think that "hakk-cheww" would spread the virus along thing wing -.-'

I'm still counting the day to go back home.
I went back home last week, but the feeling isn't there.
I felt like I already stucked here for almost a years kot? Boo
The compulsory activities to make sure I get a chance to stay at hostels next semester really make me sick.
It's cut my opportunity to go back home again.

25 July (Saturday) ;Part 3 module (Which we have to carry last semester module just because the date clash with our tests.

2 Aug (Sunday) ; Biro Tatanegara

8 Aug (Saturday) ; Zapin's competition. (which everybody is hoping to win T_T )

15 Aug (Saturday) ; Part 4 module.

20 Aug (Thursday) ; The day I'm counting. I'm going back home and have my first puasa at home with my family. (:

So, there is 28 days more to go matahari.
Good luck!

One more extremely good news!
I think today's college rules are so...... durh, I don't know how to called it.
Student's can't wear any shorts or baby-t in the ROOM at all.
We can't walk through the wing with those clothes anymore.
More ridiculous is, all those shorts and baby-t or any sleeveless akan dirampas if there's a checking by the committee.
I felt like I am a Sekolah Agama student right now. =.='

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