Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tiada dalam gambar

I don't have any idea why my internet fucking slow tonight. I can't upload a picture of my friends who deserve this simple wish but so meaningful; Thank You. I should say thanks to friends of mine who giving me a spirit to study hard. As a result, I am so grateful with my final examination result, Alhamdulillah. Oh, do not expect too much from me. I am not the person who get 3.96 for my final examination. I am not a Dean's List student. I am fucking dumb dumb, seriously. But, I am grateful for the improvement, help by my friends. They help me a lot, I swear.

I am not a brilliant person. I don't have a very good brain like any intelligent student. That's why I am so thankful to my friends who help me a lot in my studies. I think I should stick with them since they always make me felt "better belajar, kalau markah rendah nanti malu dengan diorang." Siapa yang rasa aku terlalu poyo, sila berambus sebab entry ni untuk kawan-kawan aku. By the feeling of that, I be more ringan tulang to open the book, do my revision (eventhough I always lost my focus on other things) but still got something lah kan. I've become more ringan mata to stay up until late night, sometimes until morning only for watching supernatural. Bahaha- Sambil menyelam minum air la okeh.

I've made a lot of improvement! And I'm proud to have a friends like them ;)
"hey friends, thanks for helping me a lot in my studies. && congratulation's for your great achievements ;) . See you guys next semester! "

//Entry ni takde kaitan dengan mana-mana pihak atau siapa-siapa yang terbaca atau sengaja baca. Kalau ada sesiapa yang terasa, harap maklum. SILA JANGAN PERAH SANTAN banyak-banyak sangat.terima kasih//

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