Saturday, May 9, 2009

She is the one I love. Not He.

She is the top one in my heart.
And I never be shame to admit this.
I do love her, with all my heart.
I do need her, in every second I live.
But I never know how to express my love to her.
I never know how to explain the love word to her.
I rather die for her.
I'm willing to do anything for her.
It is just because,
I do love her with all my heart.
Yeah, I am not the perfect one since I've hurt her sometimes.
But it is not mean that I never appreciate every single sacrifice she do to me.
I do appreciate and I never meant to hurt her at all.
I can't imagine how would I live without her besides.
I Can't imagine how my life would be without her besides.
I can't imagine with who I'm going to sleep at night if not with her.

I really don't have any idea
how she can make this tears drop while write this entry.
Her power, her strength.
Beat my heart hardly.
And it happen suddenly.

To you, the one I love very much.
I'm sorry for every single mistake I've done.
I promised to take care of you until the end of my life.
I always pray for your happiness, health in this and the next life.
Thanks for everything that you do for me.
Thanks for being the very good and the perfect one for me.
I will totally lost without you with me.

yeap, it's YOU

Happy Mother's Day Mama.