Friday, May 1, 2009

Interested and not into it

Before I registered as a student in UiTM Segamat, I never think that I'm going to be active in any society or club or even joined any activities. In my head I just know I will going back home every week and leave this "peaceful" place. I do have those interest since I'm in school. Join this and that performance. This is not new to me. Well, mane tumpahnye kuah kalau tak ke nasi kan? This is not the fisrt performance I've joined in my entire life. but don't get me wrong. It's just for fun,it is not my permanent profession.

Zapin Dancers at Pra Graduan Night Melaka.

Okea- This is not in my planned. I go to mama's room, studying Law with her. And Look what we did at 1/3 of night before the Law paper. I think Law gonna make most of the student crazy like what I do that night. I paint my nails with Black Inai hitam and it looks terribly ugly, grimy, and horrible. Seriously I felt uncomfortable to wear open shoes or flipflop. I should by more ballet shoe or any kind of kasut bertutup. I must!

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