Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wrong Number!

Calling from 0123####90.
Get the call and suddenly that person hung up the phone.
!@#$%^&*. (talk with myself)

I call that number back and 1 lady answer my call.

Lady : Nak cakap dengan sape?
Me : Tadi ade orang call saye. Ni siape?
Lady : Adik! Blablablabla. Talk with someone behind her.

Then I heard " A*** ni haaa. blablabla. papp! the lady Hung up the phone again.

What a very weird. That voice are so familiar to me.
And the name too. A***. Used to hear that name before.
But why she called? On her birthday kott?
Definitely weird.
Or maybe I'm in a wrong person I guess.

2 complain(s):

.cik anyzz.

yes. ahmad danish amzar tercall ur no using my mom's.
i dunno nape die bantai tekan2 n terkena ur num.


ouh sokay. just feeling bit weird coz we don't really contact each other for almost 6 month. I tot I'm fiddle a wrong person. btw, thx 4 confession.