Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is Satisfaction

Finally, definitely after all I’ve finished my reading paper this evening. I am very damn fucking happy to keep all those “story books” into my box and zappp! Put it under my bed. Hello calculator. Good to see you again for my next 2 papers. Hello Far, Hello Maf. And Finally, Hello home sweet home. I just can’t wait to go home and sleep all the day (Tabik spring kalau boleh tidur sahaja dan tak keluar rumah langsung.) and eat whatever food I want to. I’m tired of being starving every night just because I am out of stock. Examination season is the time where foods are really important not only to me but also to other students.
Supposed I want to sleep until tomorrow to replace my sleeping time. I am lack of sleep since the final starts. Oh, not the final starts. But after I finished my Law. Yada-yada. My face look so not energetic . Plus it looks very tired and not fresh at all. I have an eye beg (macam ni eh eja?) for my both eyes. The face still look like just woke up from sleep even though I already take a bath. Can you imagine how bad my face now?
I don’t know what is wrong with the college system now. We just have to fill in the form and give a passport picture with college activities card. Now, they make a new “efficient” and “effective” system which we have to fill in form of college application AND online form. Why must we fill in 2 form since we are not been guaranteed to get a college next semester? Make it online je dah la. It is more fun when the server down every time you want to do an application. Hey, fixed the server first la. Periods are changes. World are getting forward. (pandai-pandai aku je translate) everything needs to do by online. Then built a very good network for accommodate the capacity of the students can ah?

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