Monday, April 13, 2009

Kind Of memories during detention month

Okea, The picture up there show that I enjoyed my activities during being detainee of Uitm for almost 2 months. I had a karaoke at Segamat after finished all my test with my click. I sing my favorite song and my friend said my voice just like Ella. (It is not actually. They just teasing me) As a result, I lost my voice and my mum said I just baligh. *____*

This second picture is about spending your day healthy. Ha-ha. Kind of merapu. Since I had nothing to do during weekend- Tadaaa! I played Tennis with my friends. Thanks to Faris as my ungraduated coach. I never played tennis before. As a result. I always beat the air. Not the ball.

Where do we go with those glamorous dress and smart suit. Me on the Persida Night with my friends. Bearbear (wearing hawaii shirt) totally out of the theme but unpredictable, He is the King of the night. Btw Iqmal, As u wish, I put also our picture up there. Peace yaw! ;)