Thursday, April 16, 2009

I shouldn't be too fake

First of all, I wanna say thanks to Aten for lend me her hot-spot. Ouh I lied. I just used since she still at home. Sorry Ten. I don't have any good idea why I should come back so fucking damn early since my first final paper is on Friday NEXT WEEK which is on 24th April. Supposed I still can be at home, lying on my bed with the lappy on my lap and keep online 24hours without stop. Ouh Lied again. 12 hours without stop can be accepted.

I have about 1 and half week to go to my first paper and spending all my day here, in "beloved" Segamat with those book. The main point is, I did not opened even one of the book since I reached here yesterday. Kalau dah malas tu, malas la jugak kan. Balik awal mana pun takkan kemana.

Okea, supposed I've been busy with my club activities this week. That is the main reason why I come back early. Not because I wanna do extra revision during study week. Have 2 more days to go then I'll be free to be with my "beloved" friends on final week. Wanna know them? They are BOOK's. Say HI to them ~.~

It is unfortunately making this spontaneously decision to go to Melaka today with my friends. Okay, not my fault, but my friends fault. Yeah, my fault too by saying "aku on je. Tak kisah pun." Supposed I said "ouh sorry. I have to do my revision since I have paper next week." FAKE! That is so not me. At the end, I end up my day by posting this entry and sleep (after this). I try to open the book but my head said "awal lagi. Nanti la baru stdy." So, I let my head win. Congratulation head. Let bygone be bygone. Tomorrow never die. ha-ha.

I must reformatting my mind again back to empty and set up to studying hard for the final. Only for 2 weeks and then I'll be free for almost 2 month. Come on la babe. Belajar pun malas. Kang suruh cuci pinggan kat dapur tau la. *___*

3 complain(s):

cik ateen

gna laa..
aku blom blik lg..
sok kowt bru blik..
paper aku kn strt isnin mggu dpn..
gdluck k tok final..


thx ten. hooo. em paper aku start jumaat. lg cool en lmbt die. adoi. btw, goodluck tok ko jugak.

cik ateen

sama2 laa mgharungi exam yg agk tertekan ni..
cpt abes lh ct selama 2 bln..