Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who gave me the sleeping pills?

I feel sleepy since this afternoon. I thought it is because the exhaustion from yesterday 1-day-journey but I am totally wrong. This sleepy head overslept until almost 5 hours since after lunch but my head still dizzy. I need to settle up my assignment and prepared for my test but this sleepy head stop me from doing anything. I've yawn for so many times even though I had a cup of nescafe for my supper just now.

I think someone had gave me sleeping pills until I've become this fucking sleepy. I can't stop yawn for every 5 to 10 minutes. Don't worry, I already stand my eyelids with a pair of match. This will help me from fallen asleep while writing this entry. To be firm until 3am in the morning, I don't think this matchs could resist.

For those who add sleeping pills or any drugs in my meal, congratulation because it is very effective for me. I am very sure that the pills are firm because I feel sleepy since I wake up this afternoon, not morning. But, the point now is, I haven't ate anything last night for my dinner or supper, then how could someone put sleeping pills in my meal? Weird-weird-weird.

Looks like this caffeine are strong enough to fight my sleeping pills. Weyh, I need to stay up tonight for my test next week. Can somebody transferred this sleepy to anybody who want to sleep? It's already 12.30 am and I still didn't start on anything. I gave this sleepy for free. Come and get it! *___* please.

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