Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To face the difficulties challenges

I have about 3 weeks left for my final examination. I haven't prepared my self yet for the final and I still stuck on so many works && assignment to do. 2 weeks left for class but still have assignments? That is so unlucky. Supposed this time I just have to focused doing revision and prepared for the final and not so-called-assignments. I have CTU's presentation next week and still doing nothing. I don't know what am I doing during weekend since I think I spend more weekend here this semester.

I need to be ready for the next challenges coming soon. What kind of challenges? Will be find out asap.

I am totally broke now, and I have to buy my lunch at dining. I haven't ate at dining since I am in part 1 but now, I have too since I have no cents in my wallet. Budget for a week now is below rm10 compared to before about RM50 per week. I haven't top up my cell phone just because to save money. Can you imagine how this big stomach can be tied up just to save some money for my semester holiday? It is so hard to do when I have to forget about my beloved dinner. I think I already loss my weight about 10kg *___*.

I didn't cleaned my face properly about a week. Since I've finished my olay face cleanser, I just can wash my face with water, without the face cleanser. Damn ah. DON'T ask me why if there's a lot of pimple on my face. It is so not comfortable. Haih. The most bad for me is I can't use my samsung charger anymore. I don't know what's wrong with the charger. Campak longkang tau ar. This month is my recession period.

Serve me right! haha Who asked me to spend more for shopping? I think I need to appoint someone to be my banker next semester. So that I can save up for RM800 for semester break. Can I? I save RM500 for this semester. I can't touch that money at all. I could felt hungry rather that draw some money just for er, I don't know where that money go. I think I could save more if I have a banker.

Money, money. Anybody have a lot of money? Do donate for me! At least RM100 per week is enough. I really need money. muahahaha!

P/s : I hope to leave this beloved segamat as soon as possible.
thank you.

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