Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's an excited time to wait

Law test just finished. I try my best to concentrate on my study but I still not confident with my answer. I can bet you I will failed this test. To get the best result is easy but to maintain, I don't think I can. I wish I will get more better than my first test. Got A's is enough kot eventho tak dapat A+ kan? "__"

I have a persida dinner this coming sunday and I still don't know what to do since I have to help my course exco which is my classmate to handle the performance for part 3 students. Since the student of persida in my batch not many as other batch and --- it's hard for me to find people. About the costume er, should I called it costume? Okea, I just wear a simple dress which belong's to my mum's. 20 years back dress but still nice to wear.

Finished up with the dinner, I have two test on the next day. I just finished up with two test today and next two test are coming soon with only 1 day gap. Next week, speaking test for bel. I really really hate bel subject. Not because the lecturer, but because the subject itself. I do love Mr. James Kuna. ;p

Since March gonna end in a week, I can't wait to go home for study week. I wish the time will run fast so that I can leave this Segamat as soon as possible. I wish, I want. My friend have a look on DIA's part 3 final timetable. Smile on my face because my last paper is on 6 May 2009. Very cool huh? For two semester I have to wait until the last day of examination for my last paper. Kire tutup pagar la kan. But this semester, I have to struggle a lot because gap for my paper is not long and I can going back early than other students. YeeeHaaa!

Let's Date on my holiday bebeh!

CTU 231 - 20 APRIL 2009
BEL 311 - 24 APRIL 2009
LAW 240 - 26 APRIL 2009
MGT 215 - 29 APRIL 2009
FAR 200 - 2 MAY 2009
MAF 220 - 6 MAY 2009

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