Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leave the stress behind

Done with FAR 200.
Throw this stress away.
And chill my day back for the next paper.
Go Go with Costing 240. ~.~

Seriously I can't do well on my test just now.
Confusing. Messy.

Can't wait for the next paper less than 1 hour from now.
Already planned with my roommates to watch Rugby tournament at Padang A.
Btw, I just coming back from had my lunch with my cousin.
He played Rugby for Uitm Lendu. Chaiyok! Chaiyok!
Ouh yah. to released my tense today, I already plan with this agenda.
Online at 9pm tonight for three hours.
Maybe going out to the coboy town tomorow for a very fun karaoke.
Strolling around the Uitm after the test.
Watch my cousin's game tomorrow morning.

Got my text from mama just now.
"Aisy wat pe? Mama tengah Migrain teruk ni. Dah krek habis muntah. Rindu kat Aisy. muah.
muah mmuaahh. Nak tido."

~.~ Haih mama. U made me miss you so much la. I have to wait for maybe another two weeks to going back.

Supposed I have a ppkp today at 8am until 6pm. But, because of the stupidosh clash time, all DIA's student have to repeat that "FUN" ppkp next semester. Main reason is because we had left 4 hours ppkp session. Bukan kitorang mintak pun tak pergi PPKP tu. ppfftt.

Till the minute we meet again.
Test time.

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aha,looks everything sgt complicated 4 u today kn..
after test,pegi la enjoy kay..