Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm waiting for my mid term break

It's a first time for me hanging out until late night at Segamat. Last night we (me, aten & bachelor's) coming back home around 2.30 in the morning. Yeahh. Surprise huh? Dekat Segamat pon boleh balik pagi buta. haha.

At first have our dinner at nearest mamak. I ate large amount of Nasi goreng ayam and I finished it up. Yes, I do love food. Then walk to the bowling center which about 2km from the mamak. It is actually near at the bachelor's house.

It's a party time!!!!

Play 3 games + shoes for only Rm13. Gile murah kan!! Ececeh. Muke-muke tak pandai main boling nak berentap. 9 of us ( another two is bachelor's coursemate). Who said Segamat didn't have place to lepak? ngaaa. That night is the lucky night for us. Sebab from 9, 5 of us menang lucky draw. Me, kak zurry, and Kuni got Rm50 per person. Aten and kak elly got 30 games free. The next day memang makan besar la kan. Had Pizza Hut for our lunch. Tu pon gune duit lucky draw tuh. Overall, I had a great night with kakak-kakak bachelor. Thanks for menumpangkan kami di rumah anda. :)


Happy becoming birthday to kak Azie on this 22nd of January. Anda dah berumur 22 tahun dan itu adalah tua. haha!

This coming saturday, I am going to Terengganu for 3 days and 2 night. I hope I'll enjoy my self there. I can't wait for my midterm break. "__"

goodbye :)

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haha.nsb bek i xjoin mlm tu kn.klau i,ngn i pn berentap men bowling mlm tu.hehe.:D


haha. tu la psl. huu. mne tau tuah u dpt rm50 jugak mcm i. hihihi