Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Which class i should choose?

  • Okea. Based on the timetable, ACD3A3 have class at 8am everyday. But ACD3A2,I can wake up a bit late because my class start at 10.
  • MGT class on Tuesday evening? haiyaa! Ade pasar malam kot petang tu. ciss!
  • 3A3, macam best sebab i just have 1 class. But, bukan boleh balik awal pon cause i have to attend co-curriculum at Friday evening. (That's why i hate part3)
  • Fenin, fenin. Mane class mau pilih. I should ask my friend la.
  • Still thinking how I'm going back to Kl if i have co on Friday at 5pm until 7pm. Cause if I'm not mistaken, the last bus to KL is at 6pm. shitt man!!I'll miss my home damn much :(