Sunday, December 14, 2008

Long journey

Not Actually long journey. But I'm a bit tired eventhough I spend most of my time lepak-ing. I woke up very-very-very-very damn EARLY today. 6am huh? ahaha aku pon tak percaya. But today with the help of Y-O-U, I can open my eyes at 6am. But I still mamai-mamai lagi. Guling-guling && guling. TERtidur balik. Sorry Y-O-U. I just so sleepy. Woke up back at almost 8. Bangun terkejut pulak tu. Sebab terasa dah buat salah tertidur balik sebelum tu.Then straight taking my bath and ready to go to Kuala Kubu. Off around 10 then reached there at 11.30.

Wah! The banner said "Selamat Datang ke Hari Keluarga Daeng Pendalang." What the heck? I never heard that name before. So I asked my aunt who came along with me. "Tu name keturunan kamu la. Asal Orang-orang bugis dulu. Sume yang datang ni saudara-saudara jauh, dekat, rakan taulan." Ah! merapu dah. Ouh, Now I know. I tot my grandparents both come from Jawa. I am Bugis too! After speech session we have our lunch there sponsored by Unknown. Un-expected, I don't have my appetite today. I don't know why. I ate small amount of rice because i feel uncomfortable. Macam nak terkeluar balik isi perut tu. Meet new-face of makcik-makcik & Nenek-nenek, Atok-atok, && moyang-moyang which i never met and know before. Werhh! A lot of poeple I have to met. Salam sane, Salam sini. Everybody ask the same question "belajar mane? Umur berapa? Dah kahwin ke?" Weyh! lebih la tu. Did I look like already have kids? Naaahh! I am very C-U-T-E kan? perasan lagi. Penat salam-salam. Penat meet my old && young generation. Cuci mate pon ade lah sorang dua. Oopps! I didn't F-L-I-R-T at all. I swear! haha Going back at 2pm.

Mama decide to visit Grandparents at Shah Alam. Otherwise, Mama && her siblings have meeting for our Family day which supposed do at Janda Baik this coming weekend. But the trip had to be cancelled because of the landslide tragedy and bad weather. I just sitting at the sofa watching tv while the old generation busy with the unformal meeting. Final word, we are going to Seri Menanti, visit my kampung halaman (which i never go there because nobody there), going to Istana with hope can have some "free gift" there (I Love money) and Mandi manda at Ulu Bendul. I never went there before too! Yes, yes i never go back to my OWN village. haih What a very sad story huh? (haha) Second plan is doing BBQ at my uncle house during new year nights. Yada Yada Yada I Love BBQ because I can eat A LOT OFF chickens. Can't wait also. The old generations also talked about "Dana/tabung" collected from our family for our family. I don't understand much about that. Besides, I don't pay attention to them. I still at the sofa with food full in my mouth. I Love To Eat. YAda Yada Yada Finished meeting around 6.30 and everybody off to their house including me. But mama have to send her twin back first. She can't live with her twin. Calling and texting everyday, going out together.They not a lesbian partner. Just like a couple who just met their true love. Cinta mati la weyhh! ( I am not in that condition now. Someday maybe) Reached home at 9pm since Me and mama had our dinner at Anjung. Still don't have my appetite. grrr

It's already 2.45am.I heard somthing that sound familiar. krook kreek kroook kreeekk. okea! It's the sign that I am hungry right now. Off to get some food. Chow

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