Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Ouh Cuti

That's me. Kelas pun belum mula. Pendaftaran pun belum. But I already think about my mid term break, study week break and break semester. Jihuyy! Just now i click click at Uitm Segamat website. And tadaaaa! I found this :

Academic calendar :

1 week for my midterm break ; 1 week for study week; and almost 2 month for break semester (red box). Seriously can't wait ah. Look at there. My registration is on 28 December 2008 (blue box) which is 2 days more from now. Barang belum pun packing lagi. Semua cari pon tak jumpe-jumpe. H-A-H-A. My class start on 30th which is Tuesday. Weyh! I wanna go back on new year la. ape neyy Segamat tak cuti. pfft-ah! Okea okea. Cuti sendiri. Macam tak biasa pulak kan? :D

I already got a letter from college. And and Happy la weyh! I don't have to change room and still stick with my roommates before-lah. Farah si minah senget and Sayeeda Raihanah si makcik umbrella. *sukesuke je bagi name kat orang aku nih* Maybe 1 new junior kot. Ahh- I don't care about the new junior or else.

So so so, do booking me for this coming holidays. haha! *bajet artis sikit* Belle, belle. I know you're going to book me right?H-A-H-A. Anybody else? DO contact me at tut tut tut and make an appointment. TQ