Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cerita Bendul

Venue : Ulu Bendul, N9 ; Rumah Tok ABu Seri Menanti ; Muzium Diraja Seri Menanti, Ibu house at Seremban 2.
Date && Time : 21 December 2008 ; 7am - 8pm.
VVIP : Nor's Family
Members : 30 peoples.

I am proud to have a very big family like this.
I have more than 50 cousins and 4 "anak saudara"
Like year year before, We decide to going back to REAL hometown which is Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan.
Honestly, I never go there before because my grandparent already move to Shah Alam since my mum still young.
Wallaweyh! TERUJA. AWESOME. Now I know I have a very nice hometown ;)

Spending your time with your Big Family is more fun than spending a day with your boy friend.
Family come first ;)

Next family gathering is BBQ on New years night ;p
havoc seyh.

1 complain(s):

Cik Mira

wahh i nye hometown pon kat sri menanti jugak hehehe
u area mane beb?
i pon baru blk picnic
mule decide nak g ulu bendu
but slalo sgt g sane
i g Jeram Toi with my family also hehe
bes bess