Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things To Be Listed

3 days left for my semester break. So, I have so much things to do during this break. Only 5 or 6 weeks for holiday, so that I have to spend the whole break with my sayang-ness ;) .
Things that i want to do on my break ;

  • Online 24/7 without off the notebook ;p
  • Hangout with my sayang-ness everyday we can.
  • Watching movie - Madagascar, My best freinds girl, High school musical. * i don't care if some of you said "gile lambat minah ni nak update movie.". I just don't have time to watch okay?*
  • Holiday with my sayang-ness. Where to go Belle?? I really can't wait ;DD
  • Family day with Hamid's family and keturunan ;)
  • Hang out with my juntech crew
  • "Big" day celebration i guess.
  • Kuantan Pleaseeee!
I just can think those plan only. I'll update more bile teringat. haha! Happy holiday soon echa ;)


Update things.

  • Buat semua TAG's.
  • Helping my aunt marking paper. *gajigaji!
  • Get enough sleep. * Can i? Pernah pulak dapat enough sleep bile kat rumah.