Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tagged again

1. A picture of you at the most unique environment.

Describe the environment.
- A famosa Melaka ; Trip during study last semester.

2. A picture of you at somewhere you dislike.

Describe why you dislike that place.
- LT ; MGT class lah. ape lagi.

3. A picture of you with someone who means a lot to you.

Who is that person and what did that person do to you before?
- Belle + Fana ; best friends ever. macam-macam weyh!

4. A picture of you with your best smile (mouth open).

Why were you smiling?
-Sebab happy during reunion with ex-classmates.

5. A picture of you with your best smile (mouth closed)

Were you posing or smiling naturally?
- No. I'm used to smile with mouth open. Tayang besi sudah! ;D

6. A picture of you with your lamest pose.

Give this picture a capture.
- I am damn hungry! ;DD

7.A picture of you with the one of the people who stand on top of your heart.

Is that person treating you like how you're treating him/her?
- She treat me more better than i treat her.

8. A picture of you with some toys or cute stuff.

What were you with?
- CHIBI. big teddy bear that I got on my 17th birthday.
But it already "kurus." New 1 can ah? ;)

9. A picture of you in white shirt.

Why were you wearing white instead of black?
- I prefer black than white. Tapi dah Question ni mintak white shirt mestilah bagi white shirt. bengong.

10.A candid picture of you and your friend/s.

Do you look good in it?
- Totally not. Damn! sangat hodoh la bile candid. adoyai!

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