Friday, November 28, 2008

Story mory Kuantan

4 days 3 nights there was awesome. Meet my dearest lovely chaos friends there especially Ety, Nina and other ex DSKM 1B. Damn miss you much guys!

I reached Kuantan around 7.15. My friend already wait for me there. Then he send me back home. I'm looking for Ety in the house. She's sleep at her room. She got fever after play Jutaria. haha! Money fever i guess. Then I said to her "Ety! Believe or not, I'm here!!" Then dengan muke terpisat-pisat look at me and "Datang dengan sape ni? Tipu cakap nak datang lepas balik dari PD." hehe Of course la i lie cause I loved making surprise to her. Pity her cause Demam. Then at 9pm we going out for dinner at TAJ. I called Dafi to come. Then meet other classmates. Wah! I just came to Kuantan around 6 month before. Now, so many changes. Change parner, change housemate, putus tunang and find another one. So funny. Chit chat at TAJ until 10.30 then we walk back home together. Miss the moment we always had dinner together at Celup. Sanggup menapak redah hujan ramai-ramai, Gurau-senda. Order nasi kontrak. Damn i miss you guys. My classmates si nyamuk-nyamuk which love to bahan orang, bully-bully, Paw duit belanje karoke, you're the best nyamuks! That night i sleep very early. At 12 something dah k.o. damn exhausted 4 hours in the bus.

Next day, Nina going to college while Ety still sleeping. She skip her class today. Budak demam la kate kan. I'm going out with my others friends. Watching movie and window shopping. I'm broke. So tadapat la nak shopping sakan. haha! Go back at 6 something. my friends still sleeping. Biase lah lepas balik kelas. Sure tidur je. At night we play Jutaria. I'm the bankers. BAnker muflis! haha. They buy all the land and house. Then I've to pay their salary everymonth. Mane tak muflis. hikk Almost two hours spending our time playing Jutaria. Krook kreek krook kreek perut ku. I'm hungry lah. haiyaa so we going out for supper at TAJ. Like always roti telur and ice milo. "gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka lah hati." Go to the counter to paid. Then TAJ phone ringing. The mamak talk on the phone while smiling at the table behind me. Then mamak hang up the phone and geleng-geleng kepala. So I look at the back. And this 1 guy with his friend senyum-senyum kambing asking for my phone number. Damn kodi punye orang. Adeke call mamak tuh untuk mintak phone number aku. ngongg* Me, Ety and Nina ignore that stupid bengong human and blah. Reached home and sleep.

The next day I woke up at 10. I've decided to follow Ety and Nina to College. Boring je pon duk rumah sorang. But I forgot to bring my matrix card. So selambe haram jelah pergi college kan. If anything happen pon I'm not a student. otherwise, college tuh bukan kisah pon orang keluar masuk college tuh. So I sit at cafe online. Waddefak la I cannot open blog. Website kene block. ngong** So I just ym with my friends. Meet my ex Ketua Program to take my sijil. Damn la makcik tuh, Boleh kecoh satu bilik pulak. Panggil name aku bukan main kuat lagi. Malu kot sume orang yang ade dalam bilik tu usha. Kodi. Pujuk Ricky to bring us to Funfair. Then deal with him we treat 3 token. He said yes. After going back from college. I'm going out with my another friends to Teluk Chempedak. My friends pick me at home and go to terminal for a while. Lepak-lepak. Eat Keropok lekor. then balik. Rushed prepared cause already promised with Ricky to leaving off around 9. Mandi pon kambing je. But still wangi jugak. haha I asked Jimbo along to joined us. Ramai-ramai g funfair. Macam rombongan Cik Echa ke funfair. hehe So, kite enjoyy!

Tak jadi pergi dengan Ricky caused 1 of my friend nak join. So pergi dengan dia and Ricky bawak nyamuk-nyamuk lain. Gile seronok okea. Naik orbit yang pusing kuat nak mati. It's more challenging that Solero shot or Roller coaster at Genting. Turun je dari Orbit my head was ting tong. Thanks for Jimbo for accompany Ricky naik Orbit. Raja dengan Dafi hampeh. Penakot. haha! That night supper at TAJ again. malas nak pergi jauh-jauh.

On Wednesday, I woke very early in the morning. I'm going to college again! Jihuyyy- Ety had a presentation for her video project. Haha So I wanna watch Multimedia's student video. It's fun. Macam-macam cerita, trailer, Iklan semua ada. If I still at Shahputra I'm going to have my own video. Seronok ;) Lepak kat College lagi with all my friends. Haiya. I'm going back and my bus at 2.30. So I just have a couple of hours to spend with them. At home, Ety stop me going back. She asked me to stay until saturday. She wanna treat me bowling caused Mara die nak masuk on Friday. Then I feel guilty, sad and so on. Sedih nak tinggalkan Kuantan. huuu. But I have too. Dah lame sangat and mama sure will not allowed me to stay until Friday. So dengan hati yang berat, I leave Kuantan. haiyo makk. Gile rindu Ety yang ketot tuh. And Nina yang suke membebel like a mak nenek. heee ;p

p/s : Sorry for my friends yang tak sempat nak lepak, yang tak dapat nak kua same and yang semua lah. Bukan sengaja. huhu Maybe next time k? and sorry also for the misunderstanding there. miss you guys ;)

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