Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seringgit ; Wondering


When Ateen coming back from her exam, she suddenly give this scroll to me.
I know from who it's comes cause i still remember the TekaTeki reward ;D
I owe you 50cent babe.


A scroll of Rm 1 which is so mean to me.

Want to know what's the writing said?
It's actually teka-teki yang dijawab sendiri.
"dalam banyak-banyak orang, orang ape yang kodi"

Then, that's lil girl shown a clue about me.
Saya aisyah..
Saya kodi..

* I just like "kurenggg! cakap aku kodi!!" ;p
You're double kodi la babe! ;D

The whole pic of the Seringgit.

Wishes that wrote for me.
Thanks a lot for that "Double Kodi"

Thanks for the sourveniour.
I'll keep it in wallet with this Lil cute girl. ;DD

*That pic say ; Hye Double kodi ;)


Why you being like trying to avoid me.
No any news from you anymore.
No morning, No everything.
I just want to know.
Did you really mad at me?
I'm sorry for giving you so much of problems.
Did not reply my text.
Call pon tak.
Sign out when see me online.
Durh. Sedih nye. Ketara sangat larikan diri.
I know what had happen make you change to be this.
But Please. Please. Please.
At least do reply my text or my comment.
I feel damn bad by having this situation.
"You're so far from me right now."
I mean it. Sorry for saying that.
It's just killing me more deeper than other messy things.
I just hope we can be like before.
I really hope that we're still friends.
Still Best friends.

I just hope You'll forgive me.
And be the old us. :|