Friday, November 21, 2008

Ouh my day

Happy. Jihuyyy and what so ever. I just feel excited sitting at home online-ing, sleeping, hang out and so on. On the first day at home, I asked Belle to send me to the clinic for my dentist appointment and she say yes. She's already had a break semester. After my appointment, we had our lunch at Jusco Cheras Selatan ; Rendang Opah. I'm going back home before 2pm because my friend will come to send my "harta karun." haha! It's my props that I asked him to bring back for me from Segamat. Banyak sangat barang. Tak muat kereta ;p. He offered, so nasiblah kan. haha! Btw, thanks yeah.

I sleep at Belle house that night because we had a plan for the next day. I sleep around 4 something cause khusyuk sangat watching movie. Belle already sleep so I watched alone. Cheh! Dah macam rumah sendiri aku buat. hehe The next day we go to Alamanda for jalan-jalan. Then to Cyberjaya. Looking for a book there. After that Belle send me home.

Today, I'm not going anywhere. Wake up at 11 something take my bath and online. My stomach already making some mini- concert but my dining table was EMPTY. It's already 2 p.m and my bibik still did not cooked anything. Hello? Lapar kot. I'm not going anywhere so pergilah masak. Bengong betul. Genie in my stomach going crazy dah. She need more food. muahahahaha! LUCKYly have a packed of nugget inside the fridge. So I take it out and put on the desk. Back to my room, then continue watching movie.

Suddenly I remember I had bought a hair-colour last month. Still not used because takot takleyh masuk final sbb warna rambut ;) * I know I'm nerd @.@ Bored damn hell. So colour la rambut. haha! This time I choose purple-brown. Tapi takde rupa pon. Bengong. Never mind la. At least I manage to full my time to wait until 5 p.m for my mum coming back from work. By the time i finished colour my hair, bibik already fried the nugget.* memang tu niat aku pon letak atas meja ;D So makan-lah! Then then, washed my hair and online back. Baru lah dengar tung tang kat dapur which means bibik tengah masak. My mum will come home, so she had to finished up everything before my mum coming back. The thing about bibik. She gonna cooked late around 4 something so that when my mum come home she'll eat fresh food ( yang baru siap dimasak. so panas lagi) But but but, Hello. Echa is at home kot. Should i fasting because had to follow her rules? I have "perut yang kosong untuk diisi especially after bangun tidur okea? Not only mama yang penat balik keje je." Sakit betul hati. When I told mama, like always mama back-up die. Urgh! Lebih aku kua hari-hari. Sure tak kebulur macam hari ni. Who wanna asked me for lunch? jomm.

Just now i conference with Belle and fana. We talk about tomorrow. Tomorrow plan ; watching madagascar at Sunway pyramid. Already book a ticket for 4 person but 1 more ticket still kosong. Who's wanna join us?! haha- So tomorrow i don't have to kebulur anymore because I'll have my lunch outside. ABC? Mee Bandung Muar? haha! Just now I visit this 1 lady blog. Then she story about her Journey to JB by train. Sounds great right? haha! But i don't actually know the best place at JB. Most popular place that JB-rians always said is Danga Bay. Best ke? Biase je kot. I had visit Danga Bay when I in form 5. Good place for date jela rasenye cause I've seen a lot of couple je pon. haha! Sorry Jb-rians. Jangan terasa ape-ape ok. Just giving some opinion for that place. Lagi pon, some of my friend told that Danga Bay dah tak macam dulu. Mybe I should come for the second time. Next time maybe ;)

Jeng-jeng. Madagascar for tomorrow. haha! see you soon sunway! ;D

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echa!!! nk itut..ade 1 tiket lbih kn??
psal danga bay tu..btol laa kat ctu mmg tmpt couple nk berdating jer..
tapii skrg mmg dah ade improvemen ckit..
nnt pg laa ngn c dier yerr..


sape anonymous ni? adoi bg tau la nme kot ye pon nk ikot. haiyaa!