Monday, November 3, 2008


I dream kene patuk ular last two nights.
Nightmare okea. I've told my roommates about the nightmare.
Then she said "tandanya ada orang nak datang meminang."
Tak percaya lah. So I've decided to call my mum and asked about the dream.
Mama dengan cerianya cakap the same thing macam yang my roommate cakap.
haha! Mase tuh tak rase nightmare but sangat funny gile pulak kan.
Someone nak datang meminang. That means jodoh macam dah nak sampai la kan.
OMG I am too young for that. haha! Sumpah kelakar.
BUT if betul lah petanda mimpi tuh kan I would like to propose Belle as my pengapit and my funky friends as a flower girl.
But but but ; Who is that unlucky FUTURE HUSBAND of mine??
haha. Tuhan je yang tau.
Okea okea. stop daydreaming.
Belajar pon tak habis lagi dah nak fikir hal kawin.
Bengong jek.

Focus on the final week.
I've done 2 paper with not really flying colours.
Both paper were too tough eventhough basic paper je.
Next paper is MGT. Membace lagi. adoi
Sangat lemah la ini macam.

Yesterday I've got a text from my friend telling that she saw HIM with one girl at Ampang point.
True or not only they know.
I am not feeling frustrated or being cheated or ape - ape sahaja.
I just pray for my man happiness.
Sometimes, we must let go our love ones for their own good.
Eventhough HIM said that he just making up the story to make me angry.
I'm fine if the news is true.
Deep inside my heart i do love him as much as before.
But he deserve to have chance finding other people that can truly love him.
Taking good care of him.
It's not good for you to force someone to love you if the feeling aren't there.
okea. okea. enough.

I don't know what to say more.
Today's paper were really hard and and and.......
Eh. Dah la. no idea.
I should continue my study for my next paper.

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