Saturday, November 22, 2008

"minyak aku xde kereta"

Jihuyy! MAdagascar for today! 1 of my wish-to-do list can be cancelled. As i told you yesterday, today I'll have a date with my dearest Best friends Belle and Fana. Belle pick me up at 1 pm and straight to Sunway pyramid. Fana already with her. We reached at 1.30 and go to cinema collect tickets that I book yesterday. Rugi jekk! Ade 1 more ticket lebih. haha! Before that we eat paratha wrap sambil jalan to cinema. 2.30- Watching Madagascar. Best weyh! sangat rugi kalau tak tengok. Sad,happy,funny.Perfect! But how come entah Belle boleh tertidur dalam movie. It's not about the movie tak best but she's really tired doing her assignment last night and this morning. Lagi pon she already watched that movie before with her friend. So, takde lah burn pon ticket tu right ;) She willing to pay Rm11 sebab nak teman aku tengok taw. hehe!

Best part for today. Makan time! We actually don't know what and where to eat. But Fana, Belle and especially me were hungry. Tapi macam kenyang cause too much coke and popcorn in cinema. Ehh, ape tah kejap lapa Kejap kenyang. Belle decide to eat at kfc because she heard I said that teringin makan kfc. ngaha! Perut aku ape je yang tak teringin Belle oi. hikk Saturday, full of people and students. You know what. This one group of budak sekolah trying to kacau kitorang nak berkenalan. wth la weyh. "hye." "Eh, tutup gigi tu. Cantik sangat." Waddefakkk! Ko kutuk aku?? yeap! Memang aku pakai pagar? So what? Kalau aku tak cantik you wont attract to being flirt kan? bengong! Hello. Anak Melayu sekarang. Please la behave yourself. Respect la other people. Korang sedar tak perlakuan korang tuh just memalukan diri korang je. Desprate nak mampus.

Tadaaa! after taking our lunch+hi tea we going to asian avenue. Wanna take some photo at photo machine tuh. But the pic that we get not like what we imagine. Tapi tadehal la. Once a year pon kan. haha! So so, we take our own picture using camera phone. This is what we get. More better than the RM26 picture ;p

Ni main tibai je duduk nih. Helping by self-timer

I loveee this picture. Belle like always ; excited to smile ;p

They make a BIG heart for me ;)

Trial capture

After that time to go home. On the way to carpark. AGAIN!- Ade this one guy which working at Subway give me their pamplet. Then I make my fake smile and said "thank you." I don't know where he learn cuase he replied to me said "I love you." Ouh, damn fucking you like shit! Tak pernah aku belajar nak serve customer camtuh. Ngongg** So before going back we stop at SYED bistro South City Plaza for ABC. Sume mengidam after look at SH blog yesterday. * i can't remember jer name actually. ;p Yada-yada. Order and as usual. Snap snap**

Romantic okea. 1 ABC for 3 person ;p

Belle with her food.
psstt " she's so hungry that time" ;p

Roti Telur for me ;)

That roti yang sangat tinggi tuh untuk Fana. Badan je kecik ;p

Believe or not. Belle finished up everything.
Pastuh nak buat muke terkejut pulak ;p

Roti telur ; Abes
Hot dog set ; Tinggal vegetarian je
Roti tisu ; Walaupun dibantu oleh Echa n Belle, stil tak abes ;p

"Minyakaku xde kereta" dengan sangat confident;

Most Lawak-ness yang belle buat. Like always chit-chatting like setahun tak jumpe. And and makcik Belle ni bantai buat lawak yang buat me and fana Laugh Out Loud. I don't care if people around looking at me. Lagi pon there's only a few customer je. Belle said, "Minyak aku takde kereta." It should be "Kereta aku takde minyak." At first I didn't notice that word. Then when i think back "minyak yang takde kereta." how come right? Then ape lagi bersembur la gelak masing-masing kan. I feel like my stomach will "booommmm" meletop cause too much laugh. Then my mouth still full with roti telur. Can you imagine how would it look IF tersembur roti telur tu balik? And for a god sake Belle yang akan terkene semburan tu. So unLUCKY to belle. ;p Then after pay our bill on the way out from bistro AGAIN ade guy from which planet entah say Hi. Mak aihh. Waddehell la today. We just walk straight without looking back. Mampos la kau nak hi sorang-sorang.

The conclusion is today's date was damn great! I think the last time i meet fana is when she come for beraya during study week break. Almost a month kot. So, bile dah dapat jumpe my Best Friend Ever ni mestilah happy kan ;) I can't wait for our vacation. Gile excitedddd!!!!

** forgot to mention ; before left house i already eat nasi. haha! so imagine la bape byk yang dimakan hari ni ;p

tak pernah buat blog sampai 3 jam camni ;)

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