Friday, November 7, 2008

Im sorry

Best Buddies in Segamat.
I'm sorry for bring you along into my fucking shit problem.
I never meant to do this kind of shit to you.
I'm such a jerk. I know that.
I'm sorry for being jerk for you.
I never thought this kind of thing will happen when we're already bestfriend.
I Know you're mad at me.
I know you're trying to avoid from me.
I'm so sorry for what had happen to you.

I do care you as one of my bestfriend.
I do really hope this matter will not end our friendship.
I know there's something that you want to ask me.
I'll always wait for the questions.

Omm, I just hope you'll forgive me for any mistake I've done.
For any hurt I do.
For any wrong doing I've made.
Deep from my heart, I don't want to lose a very nice friend like you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I realize that all these days I just giving you so much of problem.
I've just added the weight in your head.
But honestly, I don't mean it.
I'm really really sorry for anything that happen right now.
Things that happen because of me.
I never meant to bring you along into my problem which disturbing you a lot.
I don't know why this matter could happen to you, to us.
But I'll try my best to protect you from any matter that gonna disturbing you.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm really really sorry. ;(
I"m not blaming you if you don't wanna be friend with me anymore.
I'm not blaming you for not replying my text.
I just wanna say that I'll never ever forget you as one of my dearest friend.

Thanks for everything.
Thanks for being with me every second I need you.
Thanks for cheer up my day.
Thanks for calm my self when I'm in sad.
Thank you ;(

P/s : makan ubat kay.
nanti sakit lagi gigi tu.
Jangan takot pergi klinik.
Doctor x inject pon.

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