Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today's paper susah ;(
Coming moon. MOODY :\


I really really can't wait for my break semester.
12 days more to go! chaiyok!!
Paper pon bersepah lagi dah nak fikir cuti.

Okea. okea. actually I am damn fucking excited going back.
Sebabnya me and MY GIRLFRIENDS plan nak pergi holidayyy!
Yeay! Seronok sangatttt. And exitedd sangattt!! Tak sabar sangatttt!!!
Can you feel how happy I am? After facing the worst situation in this couple of month I need to be free from everything that disturbing my day.
At first plan nak pergi Pulau Perhentian which ade orang yang tersalah faham that i'm going with someother guy la kann. Padahal, I've planned everything with Belle.
I just tanya about the place kat this guy. NOT going with that guy. KODI.
Dah merapu. STOP.

So yesterday Belle text me about the vacation. Actually mula-mula tu talk about Fly fm and munchy's contest. If menang dapat pergi Gold Coast. Okea! As everybody know, it's my dream places okea. "Ade tak mana- mana sugardaddy yang nak sponsor me and Belle to Gold coast. Come - come please. ;)"
Merapu lagi dah ni.

Then belle bagi tahu yang fana pon plan the same thing jugak which is nak bervacation bersama. So so so. Di sebabkan yang pergi semuanya PEREMPUAN, means GIRLS holiday la kan so I've decide we go to the nearest place je. At first ingat nak pergi PD but then rase macam boring. Lagi plak I'm not really interested on sea. So I ask 1 of my senior bout nearest laut yang best. Then she siad "Tanjung Bidara" kat Melaka. I straight text Belle then die check kat Internet. RM260 for 4 person and RM110 for standard room. Great! Not expensive pon if share ramai-ramai kan.

Now memang dah tersangat teruja untuk berHOLIDAY bersama yang tersayang. Tak sabar nak tunggu. Dearie Belle Belly dancer, jangan tak jadi sudah la. dah terlalu berharap dah ni. Tak mampu nak Berhenti berharap dah. ;p

Memandang kan end of year ni selalunye musim hujan....
I have a song for my raining days.
"Rain-rain go away, come again next year okea?"

p/s : Terpakse highlight word GIRL and PEREMPUAN.
sebab tanak misunderstanding happen ;)

Yahoi Belle! Happy meeting new younger SISTER ;p

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