Saturday, November 1, 2008

3.25 pm

3.26 pm - listen to "Aku dibius cinta" by Melly goeslow ft Yusry KRU

Two days left to my next paper ; CTU 151.
But i still not done covering all the chapter.
I'm getting sleepy everytime i sit at the table and open the book.
Wth la. Wake up quite early konon nak study.
At last ; I'm here writing something. wallaweyh!
It's really good if I can spend my time doing revision for my CTU other than sitting infront of this notebook. haiyaaa!
I really can't wait for my sem break.
18 days more to go.
I just hope I'll past all my paper this sem.
Clear paper please.
Hadoi ; eventhough i still blur with some of my subject
But i'll try to do the best of the best.
Do wish me luck please :\

4.04 pm - listening to "missing you" by first lady

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