Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 hours left. Im going back to Segamat. Nak taknak kene jugak la kan.
Well, welcome back to Segamat. Test dan quiz semua menunggu :|
I already pack all my things since yesterday. Gile semangat kan. haha!

Actually, i don't know what else to write for today.
I don't know why my heart beats very fast. Macam nak tunggu result pekse.
Nevermind la. I dont have mood to do anything today.
I dont have mood to going back.
I dont have mood to meet my friends and that so-called-crushonyou :{
This so-called-person sangat lah buat aku hilang mood.

Dahla dah la.
Im off.
Bored to talk and think and bla bla bla about this so-called-person.

Time to go.
Byebye blog.
See ya in Segamat.

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