Monday, October 27, 2008


Just now i get ready to go back to Segamat.
I'm wearing a black shirt which omm give it to me as a birthday present with jeans.
When i tried to wear the jeans, suddenly feel so tight.
Then i try to zip and button my jeans.
OMG! Tak boleyh. Bile button i had to tahan nafas. Gile seksa.
Then i ask my aunt. "ni Jeans aisy ke?"
My Aunt said "mestilah. Takde orang lain lagi kat rumah ni"
Then I told her this jeans were too tight. I can't breath properly.
Baru minggu lepas pakai mase balik KL, takkan jeans mengecut?
My aunt suggest. "Pergilah timbang berat tu"
Unbelievable, Unpredictable, Amazing!!
My weight now is 51!! Yeayyy!
I am soo happy with this new weight.
Finally, after i've waited for almost 3 years.
Berat bertambah 2kg. From 49kg to 50kg.
Maybe i have to thank to Alia; belle's lkw friends for her open house.
And my lil sister debab :)

Now, now. I am happy with this new weight. Satisfied ;)
Process gemukkan badan will not end up here.
It's not actually gemukkan badan, but at least ade la isi sikit kan.
Dari macam papan luncur je bile tengok kat cermin.
Whatever pon, Still bersyukur dengan ape yang tuhan dah bagi :))
Thanx food :)