Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Everybody has go back to their hometown.
Except me.
I still at home and sit infront of my laptop or doing some work.
What a very bored raya for me this year.
Tomorrow is Hari raya.
I have to go to Ayah's.
What The FUCKING Hell lah kan.
I never went to his house during raya.
He never remember me as his daughter at all.
Raye kali ni je die macam buang tabiat sikit.
Why tah.

I have not decided which baju kurung im going to wear tomorrow.
All of my baju kurung i already use to class or kenduri. Haha!
There's no any preparation pon for this Eid.
No new wedges, no new clothes, no mood for raya pon. ;p
I buy a pinnafore and long sleeves shirt and jeans.
But that's not for raya pon. I already wear it when im going out with my friends. ;D

Btw, for everybody out there.
Happy Raya Raya Raya after a month fasting.
Damn, i have to ganti puasa for 7 days this year.
Gile banyak enn. hehe ;))

Sorry for all my wrong doings.
Either sengaja or tak.
Sorry from the bottom of my leg until the top of my head.
What the fish i am talking about. gaha!
My wish for this Eid,
I want more, more and more duit raya.
So that, it can cover back my ptptn yang dah nak abes.