Monday, September 1, 2008

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Tomorrow is first day puase for umat islam. I am soo excited to wake up at 5 and sahur with mama :D But the problem is boleh bangun ke? I have decided to start my revision for my test this Wednesday. MGT okea. I dont know anything MGT eventough i never skipped this class before. Adoyai- I dont know it is my problem to understand it or is it the lecturer problem? But i know it my big problems actually. Haha- I never pay any attention in the class. Plus, for lectures class 3 class have to combine in LT. So, you may guess how the class situation is. Sooooo noisy. And i dont actually have mood to study with 90 peoples together. Damn to many mouth wanna talk. Im one of them ;) . Elok-elok subject tu senang nak score tros bley jadi calon subjek failed. Adoyai

Im going back to Segamat this tuesday. My bus is at 4pm. Grrr- I never take a bus early than 5 pm before. But i think, bulan puase. sangat leceh kalau nak berbuka dalam bus. Im going back alone. Bak kate Iqmal, lonerider. haha! whatever. For this holiday, i bring two books back. Qmt and Mgt. I tought i wanna make some preparation at home. It is because gab for my test sangat dekat. 1 day je. But, naaah- i still didn't open the book pon. Still in the bag. How come la nak success macam ni. Padahal dah two days at home.

I've planned to go to Klcc tomorrow to find battery phone for my stupid sony ericsson. Haiya! manyak menyusahkan la ini macam. Then i wanna cut my hair. Dah lame nak potong tapi tak terpotong-potong. Damn lazy to go to the saloon. In fact i dont have money before this. haha!

Okea. I think i should stop here. Its time for me to open the MGT's manual and read, and understand it. Make some note? OMG damn lazy lah. Okea2, make some note and read and and memorize. Paling penting. Gahhh! I dont have a very good mood to open the book actually. But i have too. Repeat2, go away Please dont come into my life again. TQ

Enough babble.
Nanaits ;))
I am soooooooo damn sleepy right now.
damn- Give me chance to study please ;(

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