Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am a robot today

Wellowmellow! My back was really pain today. adoi-
I think i sleep with a wrong position last night.
Suddenly when i get up this morning, i feel my back soo pain.
I can even move my neck to left or right.
I have to turn my body along.
Dem! It's make my move limited okea.
I cant even succumb and i feel like my back stretching to hard.
Jangan cakap i have to exercise every morning after wake up from sleep?
Dem crazy la kan. adoi- I dont have time to do that.
I am lazy to do that actually. ehe-
Mybe it's my problem because i love to sleep like udang u know.
I will crooked my body then i will feel comfort to sleep.
All these days xpenah pon sakit belakang.
But I dont know why tibe-tibe je today bernasib malang.
Dah la tadi hang out dengan mama looking baju raya dengan condition kepala macam ni.
Sangat sakit jiwa aku.haih
I am a robot today.fff

Tomorrow im going back to Segamat.
Tomorrow ape. Today lah kan. da 2.17 am dah pon.
My bus at 1pm and grrr. It's too early for me.
I break the record la kan balik awal. haiyaa!
demdem. Test lagi, Assigment lagi.
Presentation lagi. I hate ctu lah. Im out of idea to present my topic,
Mengong punye makcik! :\
I dont think i can coming back next week.
I have test on 23rd and 24 september.
CTU and MATH. kodikk!
I think i have to set up my brain like robot si that i can trough my day without feel anything bad or good. haha!
Robot mane ade perasaan kan? ;p
I am a robot. Again!

I cant wait for hari raya because i wana leave Segamat as soon as possible.
hadoiyai. My stress come back i guess.
Plus dgn sakit belakang ni lagi.
I think i should take Anlene gold. For a person 51 years old an above.
Hayya! My bone always feel sengal-sengal.
I hate to sleep on pillow. Uncomfortable lah!
Tido macam style udang. Baru la style. haha!
Then now dah sakit belakang, Style kepale hotak kau berjambul. haha!
Robot, Mane penah rase sakit kan?haha!
I am a robot today.Sengal

off to sleep.
have to wake up early tomorrow.
where's MANJE eyh? ;D

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