Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy but still trying to leave ;)

Yes! i am damn happy today.
because i am damn happy.
berbuka with a very big smile.
Haha! Today or maybe petang td je yang best. ngehh-
Macam tak rugu pon balik segamat sebenarnye.
But sometimes la fikir macam sux gile.
Bile stress je.
But, from day to day i feel more and more chill la kan.
Because....... haha! crazee ;DD

I already done with MGT test this afternoon.
haha! damn sux la kan test tuh.
I come to the class with NO INPUT.
But thanx to the friend beside ;DD
Gile setan di bulan puasa.
But, I really have too.
Im sorry Mr ;)

p/s: saye memang sgt bahagia.
bunga2 time maybe ;DD

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makannasi lauk ayam semalam pun still terkenangkan bazar tu kan..